The Connected Corner talks self care with Dyamon Brown

The Connected Corner Episode 2022-13: Indulging in self-care doesn’t mean you’re being selfish. Taking time to indulge in selfcare gives you the energy to look after other people or do the things that need to be done every day. When you care for yourself, you give yourself permission to be loved and nourished. Can we agree: We all need more self-love? YES! This week’s guest is a boss babe who knows how to make you glow! Join us as we interview the amazing and awesome Dyamon Brown, owner of Eye finesse faces, offers a range of professional services, including make-up, microblading, teeth whitening and so much more!

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“It’s time to get Reiki-lated: Reiki Healing & Self-Care” Episode 2022-12, Guest Novlette Bernard

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Do you feel like you’ve tried it all? Prayer, Meditation, Yoga, Subliminal Messages …yet you still do not feel that you have control over your emotions or can easily find your center??? If this is YOU, we have an episode you don’t want to miss!!

Our Guest, Novlette Bernard, the Dancing Reiki Master, knows the importance of living a healthy, well balanced lifestyle. As we continue on the quest of healthy selfcare, we are diving into the world of Reiki! Join us! Have a convo. Ask questions, hear from an expert! Come Dance with us!

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