September 23, 2023

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott spoke on Saturday about the police response into the Brooklyn Homes mass shooting. Two people were killed and 28 others injured in the July 2 mass shooting in Brooklyn. Scott spoke with former Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes on WBAL NewsRadio about the response that night. “There were plenty of officers who could of been reassigned that night,” Scott said. The duty officer for the entire city that night is one of our best and he would have sent the appropriate folks there. All they had to do was ask. But they did not do that.”

An after-action report was released last month into the response. City leaders fielded questions and feedback from the Brooklyn community at a meeting Thursday regarding the report.

“The residents of Brooklyn Homes care deeply about their community,” Scott said. “They have community pride. These are not folks that are just going to let people come in and shoot their neighborhood up and everything is going to be normal or go back to normal.”

Scott said it was unacceptable for city agencies not to have a place in place with advance knowledge about the Brooklyn Day celebration.

Multiple arrests have been made, but no one arrested in the case so far has been charged with murder.