September 22, 2023

Smash-and-grab robberies and brazen shoplifting incidents have run rampant throughout California. In June, the state senate passed Senate Bill 553, legislation that would prevent retail workers from physically confronting thieves, even if the volume of stolen goods was alarming. A retail store was recently hit with a daring robbery where the perpetrators exited the premises with loads of Nike merchandise. Fortunately for the staff, this incident did not require intervention because the thieves turned on one at the worst possible time. 

The on-camera incident shows a perpetrator with the stolen goods in her arms, and she makes her way to the getaway car in the parking lot. But, when she reached for the door, it was locked. Instead of unlocking the door, her partner (s) in crime made the dash and left her holding the stolen clothes as the security guard closed in. In the end, the act of betrayal led to her arrest.