Data indicates speed-enforcement cameras are getting drivers to slow down on the Jones Falls Expressway, but the city is having trouble getting speeders to pay the fines.

There were 202,071 warnings issued during the probationary period before July 13, 2022.

Records indicate that from July through November 2022, the city issued 153,251 citations. Of that number, 70,933 citations were issued to drivers traveling north and 82,318 citations were issued for vehicles headed south.

According to the city, the collection rate is just over 51%.

“Both the actual revenue, sort of projected, and the revenue amount collected from speed cameras is relatively less than they had expected it to be, I think, because there’s less citations issued and collections of those citations has been more of a challenge than they initially expected,” Baltimore City Delegate Mark Edelson, D-District 46.

According to the city, data also indicates a significant number of repeat offenders and motorists who have expired license plates.

The delegates said they wonder about increasing enforcement. City officials said violators could get a boot on their cars for the unpaid fines or run into problems with the Motor Vehicle Administration while trying to renew their registration and license plates.

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