Did Democrats misread public on vaccine/mask mandate

Did Democrats misread public on vaccine/mask mandate

RadioOnFire.com – Tuesday’s election results prompted some soul searching among Democrats about whether the party misread the public’s desire for sweeping change.

The introspection has picked up after the party suffered losses up and down the ballot on Tuesday, giving a reason for some to pause and consider if the party’s agenda has anything to do with the losses and is out of step with the wider public.

Republicans are only too glad to say Democrats misread the mandate from President Biden’s victory a year ago over former President Trump. Democrats also retook the Senate majority after victories in a pair of special elections in Georgia in January, though they lost seats in the House a year ago.

“The economy was the big issue with voters, according to exit polls. It’s not rocket science,” said Dan Eberhart, a GOP fundraiser. “Coming out of more than a year of shutdowns and uncertainty, voters are not looking for radical change. And they certainly aren’t looking for the wild spending and social reform the Democrats are pursuing. Voters are open to incremental change but not wholesale change.”

Tuesday was a dismal day for Democrats.

Republican Glenn Youngkin triumphed in the Virginia gubernatorial race, while New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy squeaked out a closer than expected win. Longtime New Jersey state Sen. Stephen Sweeney (D) lost to an opponent who barely spent money on the race. 

Progressive politicians and causes also suffered some losses.

In Buffalo, Democratic Socialist India Walton lost to incumbent Mayor Byron Brown (D) after he mounted a write-in campaign when he lost the Democratic primary to Walton earlier in the year.

And a ballot measure to scrap the Minneapolis Police Department in favor of a revamped public safety agency failed, dealing a blow to “Defund the Police” advocates.

Source: The Hill