Houston police are searching for a man who fatally shot a robber at a Houston taco shop on Thursday (January 5). 

Footage of the robbery was caught on surveillance, and it shows the robber walking in the shop with a black mask and demanding money from customers eating inside. As the robber goes to exit the store, one of the customers pulls out a gun, shooting the robber several times and killing him. 

Former HPD officer, now lawyer, Thomas Nixon explained to KPRC that the shooter was within his rights to protect himself in the situation. Nixon explained, “The person he shot was in the process of committing robbery and consequently his use of force in defense of himself and innocent third parties is completely justified in Texas. He added, “It is a justifiable homicide, but the grand jury in Harris County is going to want to know all parties involved in the homicide so that they can investigate.” 

Nixon went on to explain that the shooter wasn’t obligated to stay at the scene because he did not commit a crime, but police do want to question him about the moments leading up to the shooting. No charges have been filed.

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