D.L. Hughley Calls Mo’Nique a ‘Liar’ for Comments Made About Their Feud on ‘Club Shay Shay’

Monique, the Oscar-winning star of “Precious,” reignited her feud with comedian D.L. Hughley during an appearance on the Club Shay Shay podcast hosted by Shannon Sharpe. The feud began in 2022 over a contract dispute regarding a comedy show in Detroit. Monique claimed she was supposed to be the headliner according to the contract but alleged that Hughley refused to perform if she headlined. The feud escalated, with Monique bringing up an old interview where Hughley allegedly didn’t believe his daughter was sexually abused.

The recent resurgence of the feud on February 7 stemmed from Monique’s explanation of the origins during the podcast. She cited an offensive question posed by Hughley’s co-host during a radio show appearance, leading to a cease and desist order from Monique. Hughley denied the allegations, stating he respected Monique’s wishes and pulled the segment immediately. Hughley responded on Instagram, comparing Club Shay Shay to Wendy Williams’ show and making comments about Monique’s weight.

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