Megan Thee Stallion Announces Summer Tour and Album Amid Feud with Nicki Minaj

Megan Thee Stallion has been trending since dropping her latest single, “Hiss,” where she took a subliminal shot at Nicki Minaj. This led to Nicki dropping her diss track, “Big Foot,” where she appeared to reference Megan being shot by Tory Lanez, as well as a list of other accusations. 

With all eyes on her, Megan appeared on “Good Morning America,” where she announced her upcoming summer tour and a new album.

Megan stated, “Oh, we’re having the tour this year. The Hot Girl Summer Tour is gonna be 2024 summer time. I feel like I’ve never been able to be outside during my early days during the summer since 2019. So this is gonna be the first time that I drop an album on time for the summer. I do want to give the Hotties the Megan Thee Stallion experience.” 

Source: X

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