Kevin Hart Reacts to His Ex-Wife, Torrei, Going on Tour with Katt Williams

Torrei Hart, Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, announced that she will be joining Katt Williams on the road during his “Dark Matter” tour.

While she initially revealed three dates, Torrei teased that “more dates” would be confirmed soon, and she included a clip from Katt’s “Club Shay Shay” interview. During the sit-down, Katt called Torrei’s former husband an industry “plant,” but she shared a clip of Katt saying that he only takes comedians on the road that he thinks are funnier than him.

TMZ recently caught up with Kevin to get his take on the news, and he responded to being asked about people questioning his success, and he stated, “My success is my success. I want everybody to win. I love everybody.” 

When asked about Torrei, Kevin stated, “I want everybody to win. I hope the tour is great.” 

Source: TMZ

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