Monica Appears to Pass Out at Houston Show

TMZ has obtained footage that appears to show singer Monica passed out backstage at her show in Houston on Saturday (December 30) night. Footage from the concert shows Monica singing “Angel of Mine” while sporting bright blonde hair. Later, someone with the same hair, assumed to be Monica, is seen being carried backstage by security. There were rumors that she was taken away from the venue in an ambulance, but nothing has been confirmed.

Monica has been open about living with a heart condition called mitral valve prolapse. She was diagnosed with the condition after collapsing while she was on tour at 18. Speaking about the incident, Monica explained, “Everything in front of me basically began to go from color to black-and-white, fading in and out. I walked to the side of the stage to ask for help and collapsed into one of our staff people’s arms.”

Source: TMZ

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