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Youth Basketball Coach Fired After Choking Referee During Game

The head coach of a youth basketball has been fired from his job, following an attempt to strangle a referee during the heat of competition at Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, California. Although the entire incident was captured on camera, details regarding the names of the assailant and the victim are scant. 

According to reports, the ex-coach of the Cavs Youth Basketball’s 10U team became enraged after receiving two technical fouls, during a game that was highlighted by a controversial call. From there, a verbal spat between the coach and referee began. Shortly thereafter, the coach grabbed the referee by his neck and choked him until a couple of bystanders managed to get in between the two.

In an interview with TMZ, the founder of the Cavs Youth Basketball 10U team expressed his displeasure with the actions of his organization’s former coach.

“It was unfortunate,” McDonald said. “Our program has been around for over 30 years and before it even went viral, the coach was no longer part of our program. It’s completely unacceptable to behave that way in front of our youth. There’s no excuse, I don’t care what someone says to you. You have to find a better way to handle that particular situation.”

No major injuries have been reported as of yet and there is still no word on whether or not the referee who was choked will press charges against Darryl McDonald’s organization or its former AAU coach.

Source: TMZ

Nicki Minaj Rates Herself as a “7” During Conversation with Kevin Samuels

Nicki Minaj went on Instagram Live to have a conversation with controversial YouTuber Kevin Samuels, and she started off by asking Samuels to “rate” her.

Kevin seemed caught off guard by Nicki’s request, and he stated that he usually doesn’t rate people, adding that he asks people that call him to rate themselves. After thinking for a few seconds, Nicki then revealed that she would rate herself a “7,” which Kevin says is a default answer for most women. He then told Nicki that he would rate her a “9.” 

From there, Nicki spoke to Kevin about why men date outside of their race, and they also did a deep dive into what Nicki expects in the bedroom. After the conversation, Nicki questioned why people want her to go off on Kevin, which you can hear more above. 

Source: VladTV

Winter storm packing snow, freezing rain moves across US

A major winter storm with millions of Americans in its path brought a mix of rain, freezing rain and snow to the central U.S. as airlines canceled thousands of flights, officials urged residents to stay off roads and schools closed campuses. The blast of frigid weather, which began arriving Tuesday night and continued Wednesday, put a long stretch of states from New Mexico and Colorado to Maine under winter storm warnings and watches.

On Wednesday morning, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan saw freezing rain, sleet and snow. By midday Wednesday, some places had already reported snow totals exceeding or nearing a foot, including the central Illinois town of Lewistown with 14.4 inches (36.6 centimeters) and the northeastern Missouri city of Hannibal with 11.5 inches (29.2 centimeters). “And it’s still snowing across these areas,” said Andrew Orrison, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in College Park, Maryland.

Source: AP News

US forces launch raid in Syria, civilians also reported dead

U.S. special forces carried out what the Pentagon said was a large-scale counterterrorism raid in northwestern Syria early Thursday. First responders at the scene reported 13 people had been killed, including six children and four women. The operation, which residents say lasted over two hours, jolted the sleepy village of Atmeh near the Turkish border — an area dotted with camps for internally displaced people from Syria’s civil war. The target of the raid was unclear.

“The mission was successful,” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said in a brief statement. “There were no U.S. casualties. More information will be provided as it becomes available.”

A journalist on assignment for The Associated Press and several residents said they saw body parts scattered near the site of the raid, a house in Syria’s rebel-held Idlib province.

Most residents spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals, and said the raid involved helicopters, explosions and machine-gun fire. It was the largest raid in the province since the 2019 Trump-era U.S. assault that killed the Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Idlib is broadly controlled by Turkey-backed fighters, but is also an Al-Qaida stronghold and home to several of its top operatives. Other militants have also found refuge in the region.

Source: AP News

Baltimore HBCU’s campuses closed, shelter in place order issued

Morgan State University announced the school has closed its campus due to bomb threat and Coppin State University has also closed due to a campus emergency, both schools are telling people on campus to shelter in place.

According to Coppin’s website:

“Due to a campus emergency, all classes will be online and all employees should telework, on 02/01/2022. If you are on campus, please, shelter in place, and wait for further instructions. Emergency officials are evaluating the campus and we will provide updates, as soon as possible. Stay alert for instruction from college officials or local authorities, and follow them quickly and carefully.”

Morgan State  University has released the following statement:

“This morning at approximately 4:50 a.m., the University received a bomb threat. Authorities were notified and a shelter-in-place order was made for the entire campus community. Access to the campus is now closed and all instruction for the day has been switched to remote/virtual while all employees have been instructed to telework until further notice. In response to the threat, Morgan State Police are working with emergency personnel and other law enforcement to assess the situation and are conducting a campus-wide, building-by-building search. The safety of the campus community is paramount and threats that are received are taken seriously. Additional details will be shared as they become available.”

According to the University’s Twitter account, they are asking everyone on campus to shelter in place until further notice and that instruction will be remote and all employees should telework.

Morgan State University’s President, David Wilson, issued the following statement as a search continues for a possible bomb.

“Since sending out an alert earlier this morning about the bomb threat we received, a few of you have contacted me to inquire as to whether this is real. Unfortunately, and sadly, it is. The campus is being searched building-by-building this morning with our residential halls being searched first. Fortunately, nothing has been discovered within any of our residential facilities.”

This comes a day after multiple Historically Black Colleges and Universities were also shut down due to a bomb threat including Bowie State University.